The MAP project moves to Massachusetts for a photo shoot of food and drink artisans in Hadley, MA at Carr's Cider house Orchard atop Mt. Warner  Sunday, September 15, 2013. arrive 3pm. (on Mt. Warner Road)

MAP is planning an aerial photo shoot Sunday September 15, 2013. Using a remote control helicopter (handmade and artisan in its own right), we will take a series of high resolution photos as you lay in a field with your tools of the trade and the food or drink that represent you. This photo will be part of a larger an interactive "atlas" of American artisan, small production handmade food and drink. Bring yourselves, a picnic, your craft, a story and food to share with your cohorts and join the fun..The idea is to make a lovely pattern on the ground of food, drink and people so think pattern. Bring a colorful back drop such as a yoga mat or blanket.  Please fill out the form to participate. See below for the current details of the day…and a map to get there. 



WHO:  My American Pantry (MAP), an atlas of American artisan Food and Drink. 
WHAT: A national artisan food and drink mapping project traveling around the country documenting by aerial photography the amazing array of artisans and products produced around the country celebrating creativity, taste and entrepreneurship. The end-goal is to create an interactive tapestry and map of food, story and recipes that celebrate the new American table and showcase the results at the next Worlds' Fair in 2015.


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WHERE: Atop Mt. Warner in Hadley, Massachusetts @ Carr's Ciderhouse Orchard @ approx. between 11-13 Mt. Warner Road. Among the apple trees…. Take 47 ( River Drive) to Mt. Warner road and pass the first farm on your left. Very shortly after that is a dirt road that will lead to a barn. If you have a 4-wheel drive or drive very carefully, park at the barn a mile up the road. If not we have a truck to shuttle you there. We will mark it!!

 View Larger Map  Here:

WHEN: September, 15, 2013 arrive @  3pm.

HOMEWORK: a recipe and/or a story of you and your craft please. Form also located on the blog.

submit here


  1. your products
  2. the tools of the trade that represent you
  3. A yoga mat or blanket to lie on 
  4. food or drink to share with your new friends


  1. Sign in on arrival and get a number for picture ID and turn in forms.
  2. A release form for everyone in your party. We will have copies at the shoot to sign.
  3. Set up your area in the chosen field, be t
  4. ight with the person next to you. Arrange your food, your animals, your produce around you or above you.
  5. expect to lie on the ground and relax for an hour and look up.
  6. The drone will land and fly a number of times for good shots and adjustments. 
  7. The camera will take a number of shots and you might be asked to change position. 
  8. check the website for last minute details
  9. rain will postpone the shoot for a non rainy day. 

see google maps for location here: