The MAP project moves to New Jersey this September for a photo shoot of food and drink artisans in Egg harbor Township, New Jersey  near Atlantic City Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Please fill out the form  to participate and we will send you the details, then follow the blog and this link for up to date info as the shoot gets closer. Please contact us with any questions.  We hope to get a good turn out of artisans to represent South New Jersey as part of the ever-growing MAP. Thanks for your support. 


Who : Food and Drink Artisans with value added products and farmers, winemakers and more  

What: An aerial photo shoot with a remote control camera of food and drink crafters, entrepreneurs, farmers and wine, beer and drink makers. This photo will be part of a larger and interactive "atlas" of American artisan, small production handmade food and drink.  Think pattern. We want to make a lovely composition taken with camera flying above. 

When:  September 22, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Where: Jah's Creation Organic farm 

5090 Spruce Ave at Reeds Field

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

609 272-9538

Why: To create an interactive atlas of American Food! The goal is to create a composition of you and your craft as well as the ingredients and tools that go into making what you make. The end result will be beautiful aerial photograph and document as part of a larger national map and community. 

Please note that in order to participate, you must consent to the following release form. Everyone in the event must sign this form. Click to View

Join the Photo Shoot

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Liability and Photo Release Consent *


  1. your products and the crafts you make
  2. the tools of the trade that represent you 
  3. A yoga mat or blanket to lie on 
  4. A release form for everyone in your party. We will have copies at the shoot to sign too.
  5. a story to be filled out here. 


  1. Sign in on arrival and get a number for picture ID and turn in forms.
  2. Set up your area in the chosen field, be tight with the person next to you. Arrange your food, your animals, your produce around you or above you.
  3. expect to lie on the ground and relax for an hour and look up.
  4. The drone will land and fly a number of times for good shots and adjustments. 
  5. The camera will take a number of shots and you might be asked to change position. 
  6. to laugh
  7. check the website for last minute details.
  8. rain will postpone the shoot for a non rainy day.