MAP is about people like forager Connie Green of Napa County, California who makes her passion for wild foods a way of life. Green talks about wild food and its importance in American food culture.

What is MAP?

My American Pantry ( MAP) is an interactive atlas of American artisan food and drink. We are embarking a big project to map artisans around the country and documenting the amazing products that we all invent and create. In our opinion, you represent the new American table and the American terroir from which it comes. That's what we celebrate here. Nature and creativity are our muse. The photos will be part of a giant tapestry spanning the country and a beautiful atlas of discovery. We will provide a space where visitors can learn, inspire, share, and shop American made artisan wonders in one beautiful and inspired place. You will find videos, recipes and stories of the amazing artisans around the country.

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” Anthelme Brillat Savarin

The Founder:

Andrea Blum is a journalist, artist and a chef turned food entrepreneur. Born in Pennsylvania and raised in California, her passion for food ignited when she took a year to study in France. There she learned the story, art and cultural significance of food that would quickly become part of a lifelong fascination. Andrea returned to Italy where she studied fresco painting and restoration. However, her off time was spent exploring the cooking, farming, and culture of the Italian food world, with mothers, grandmothers, master cheesemakers, and artisans.

In 2003, Andrea traded her paintbrush for pen, graduating from Columbia University in Journalism with awards in social justice reporting. She has since worked as reporter covering the environment in Northern California. But she also stayed close to her passion for food, writing for newspapers and magazines such Gourmet and Saveur and hosting tours to discover Italian regional foods.

Andrea’s interests have always been related to the geography of food— she seeks to discover the stories each dish can tell whether it’s from the highlands of Tibet or in remote villages in Turkey. My American Pantry (MAP) is an extension of her geographic quest to follow food back to where it’s made. Only this time, she has chosen to focus on American artisan food, its rebirth, its makers and its terroir.